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In addition to bitcoin, serenity coin, defi and play, NFT can be one of the most imaginative tendencies in the circle of cryptocurrencies. NFT is the abbreviation of non functional token, translated as \ Hard core gun in 1995 %In addition to the product manager of wheat wallet, Lao Lu waiwaiwai also has a strange identity -- NFT collector. Since his first contact with cryptokitties in 2017, he has tried almost every inflamed DAPP on the market, and has collected 17 NFT platforms of different categories. As for the detailed number, he does not think that the main reason is that Jiangsu is quick to win three quick prizes, \ The first step in Laolu's NFT road is to play blockchain. In 2018, the popularity of CryptoKitties led to the speculative bubble of block chain play. During this period, CryptoCelebrities's \ If we use the same name, profile and picture to make a similar NFT, namely fnft (fake NFT), will anyone subscribe for it? Like the same name of erc20 token into the fishing attack. Laolu worked out erc721 on the main network of Ethereum, created the NFT Compliance Agreement of coin security, then edited the news on opensea platform (communicated with the news displayed by coin NFT), and finally launched the business. What makes him proud is that there are indeed users who buy fnft, and the market price is generated. However, it didn't last long. Fnft was later reported by netizens on the discord forum. Opensea officially banned fnft's Compliance Agreement, and temporarily blocked his account number for young self. Experts resent Putian fake shoes, because the shoes with poor workmanship can sell the genuine price. The manufacturing processes of fnft and NFT are interlinked, and they have equal status in the chain. However, opensea can ban fnft because it is not pleasing to the eye and does not recognize fnft. From Lao Lu's point of view, this effect was expected, which gave him a new understanding of centralization and decentralization, \ As for the recent situation of NFT, he believes that, as the inflammatory points of the blockchain are proved to be false one by one, NFT will no longer surpass the peak of cryptokitties, but return to the value of NFT itself. Take it purely as a treasure on the chain, and the longer you put it, the more valuable it will be. It can be an oil painting, it can also be a history or an event. He said that he would still explore around NFT and looked forward to an opportunity to return the market's attention to NFT to its peak in the future.

  Middle school sophomore in 1989 %Unlike Lao Lu's hard core, Niu Fengxuan is more like a middle school sophomore who is absorbed in playing. Since 2017, NFT has expanded from pure play type to traditional IP circle, and gradually moved to stamp collecting and other markets. According to NFT Bible: all knowledge about nonhomogeneous token, NFT market has gone through four stages One is the cryptopunks stage. Cryptopunks is the first NFT experiment based on Ethereum. It is composed of 10000 rare and valuable punks. Each punk has a series of unique characteristics. The second is the cryptokitties stage. Cryptokitties is the first item of NFT mainstream. Now, it is characterized by the chain play of the original head, which allows users to breed cats one by one, producing sparse and multi differentiated new cats.

the third is the \ Niu Fengxuan contacted NFT first from cryptokitties, which is also one of the most influential items for him now. At that time, he was very interested in looking at the cryptokitties article forwarded by others from his friends' circle. He studied the DNA of Tianmi cat and the means of matching it into sparse cat, and then went into business. After that, his exploration around NFT was basically along the time line of market turning. Among them, what impressed Niu Fengxuan deeply were cryptocountries, gods untrained and digital art.

cryptocountries is a game DAPP launched in February 2018, which allows players to use eth to purchase virtual countries on digital maps. After a player buys a country, he becomes the \ The first is the intrinsic value of NFT. The NFT based on erc721 is of value in different countries, and its cost is 0. The second is that NFT is effective, and what kind of value it has in the exercise scenario. If a game is not fun, no matter how good NFT is, foreigners are willing to hold it.

The third is the brand premium of NFT. The NFT of famous IP not only has intrinsic value and good effect, but also has premium.

For the future of NFT, he maintained a kind of smiling and unpleasant attitude, and did not have any strange reasons: \

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